• "Radio Play"  A two act comedy set in the golden years of radio production. The announcer for a radio soap opera has been taking writing lessons, and rewrites the day's script without telling the cast or the director. He also takes it on himself On top of that, one of the sound-effects crew is out sick and he takes it on himself to appoint a helper from the audience.
  • "The Great Grayson County Third of July Picnic and Softball Extravaganza" A humorous short story that was chosen for publication in the North Carolina State Bar Journal.
  • "Tabby" A novel in which brilliant and talented cousins work to take down a notorious drug kingpin. (sitll under construction)
  • "Scratch" A completed literary fiction in which the devil needs to save a soul. Part love story, part fantasy. If you're a Christopher Moore fan, you may like this one. Contact the author about becoming a beta reader.
  • "Winter Nightsong" A stage musical based on Dickens' "A Christmas Carol," with Marley's Ghost as the narrator. Produced by Stage Two Productions during the Christmas season for two years.
  • "A Ring of Truth" A macabre short story centered on the modern time discovery of a bloodthirsty pirate's ring.

K. Robert Campbell was born and raised in southern New Jersey. He migrated further south after high school to major in recreation and park administration at North Carolina State Univsersity, in Raleigh, NC. He then began his first career as a ranger with the NC State Parks (with a brief interlude directing a 4-H camp/conference center). Although he enjoyed his work in the parks, he decided to go back to school and three years later, became an attorney after earning his juris doctor from Campbell University School of Law.

The author went straight from law school to practice in Southport, a coastal community in southeasern NC. At some point in the new millenium, he decided to put the skills he had developed in legal writing to work in novel writing, and the Cameron Scott suspense series was born. Southport (named 'Riverport' in the books) and its environs serves as the backdrop for many of Cameron's adventures. The author's experiences as a park ranger and in law practice formed a rich tapestry from which to weave his tales of suspense.

Readers sometimes ask "Why are the books in numerical order, and why do they count downward?" The simple answer is, "It just happened." "The Fifth Category" originally was meant to be a stand-alone novel and its title derives from the story line: The sinister group Cameron uncovers has a five-level hierarchy, and his investigation is hampered by an approaching category five hurricane. Readers started asking about sequels, so "The Fourth Estate" came about, in which Cameron runs into trouble while helping with the probate of wills. Not only is he helping settle estates, but they involve ownership of realty (real estate) and ownership of a newspaper (the press often being referred to as 'the fourth estate'.) And so it has gone. Another oft-asked question is, "What happens after 'zero'? That one's easy--fractions.  The next planned title after "Zero Tolerance" is "Eighth Note".

Other artistic endeavors pursued by the author include: Community theater, including founding member and first full-term president of The Uwharrie Players theater group, in Stanly County, NC; board member of Big Dawg Productions in Wilmington, NC; onstage appearances in numerous stageplays and musicals; set design and construction for several plays; drumming in pit bands for musicals; and directing plays. He has also been a drummer for Brunswick Concert Band in Southport, and currently drums with Harbour Towne Fest Band in wilmington.